This is an OUTSTANDING man. We were seeking for a long time for the one who could fit our expectations. He knows how to surprise you even if you are a sophisticated listener, he will exceed your expectations. Your song will be more crystal, more detailed, overall it will be on another level.

P.S He is a pro, he has strict deadlines, detailed spec list, and, as a consequence, perfect result.

Aleksandr Aleksandr – Moscow

Narig√≥n del Siglo is one of my favourite records of all times. To having the opportunity to get my songs mixed by the same engineer of one of my favourites albums is a dream come true. It was a pleasure to work with Chris, he’s very professional and responsive and his mixes are outstanding.

Javier M Javier M – Uruguay

Chris is the best. I literally fell off my chair when I heard the mix. He’s super professional, highly reliable, very patient and the best part is when he delivers its beyond what you expect, its unbelievably beautiful. Thank you again Chris for a really great sounding mix/master.

Ranjan M Ranjan M – India

Chris is a master of showcasing your work in the best way possible. Will be recommending him for both his efficiency and superior quality of work. He serves clear, bright mixes with a little bit of magic on the side. Hope to work with him in the near future again!

Daniel I Daniel I – Bulgaria

Chris knows what he’s doing. My music spans a couple different genres and he knew how to bring the most out of all of my sounds in EACH style of music I made. Very responsive, thorough, and experienced work. What a guy. Thank you Chris.

Daneyal A Daneyal A – Los Angeles

Chis is a pleasure to work with. He is attentive, timely and pays attention to detail. He has the perfect blend of technical knowledge plus artistic vision, qualities we were looking for in a mixing engineer for a long time. So we were glad to have met Chris. Would love to work with him again.

Avinash L Avinash L – New York

I tried 3 mixers to find best results and Chris’ were clearly strongest. The results were solid enough that he’s now mixing my full album. Also, he’s great to work with, responsive and patient with several rounds of revisions. The mix is big, clear, strong. Your work is in great hands here.

Erin H Erin H – New York

I have to say how much I appreciated working with Chris. I recommend him for his professionalism, his ability at mixing and mastering. I’m really happy with this collaboration. It brings my work to a professional level I never achieved before. Thank you so much, Chris!

Franz W Franz W – Toulouse

Chris has a CV full of his production and engineering credits of some of the biggest acts in the industry. His experience and abilities are well known and acclaimed. So, it’s really amazing to be able to work with him. He approached my project with the same level of professionalism he is known for. The mixes are amazing and so happy we worked together.

Link Link – New York

If you are considering having Chris Brown mix your music, you should go for it. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job. Chris mixed my album – he was thorough, patient with feedback, and brought a lot of creative ideas to the process. The mixes sound better than I hoped they could.

Jay Z Jay Z – New York

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Chris. He immediately understood where I was headed with my songs and he did an amazing job getting it all right. I hope to work with Chris soon again! I highly recommend him. Thanks a lot, Chris!

Peter M Peter M – Aarhus

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Chris. He is clearly a master who paid great attention to detail, understood my vision and just generally communicated well. Of course, I’d love to work with him again.

Daniel W Daniel W – San Francisco

If you want a great sounding, professional mix, Chris is your guy! Chris was great to work with. He had a great turnaround time on my project. His communication was great and he was able to edit any changes we wanted to the mix very quickly, but thoroughly. I highly recommend Chris.

Mike M Mike M – North Carolina

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris on a few occasions. One that comes to mind is when he was engineering a session recording us (Natalie Imbruglia & Band) live at Sarm Studios. He was very professional, quick, patient, and had great ears!
He’s my first call for Engineering, Mixing, and Production!

Chuck S Chuck S – London

Chris is very professional and he is very helpful when making suggestions on what can make your song sound better, I look forward to future work with him!

Naran S Naran S – Mongolia

Got Chris to mix one of my songs and it was stellar. I can definitely hear the difference in the quality of Chris’ mix. He’s receptive to feedback and easy to work with. Highly recommended!

Saiful I Saiful I – Singapore

First time i work with Chris, it was perfect, good job, on time. I will work again with Chris.

Bertaga R Bertaga R – Barcelona

Chris is super friendly, works quickly and very talented. Thank you!

Babalola Babalola – New York

This man is a true professional and will bring your track to the perfection. Awesome work!

Andriy S Andriy S – Kiev

Terrific work, great communication – very pleased with the results. Thanks Chris!

Charles R Charles R – Columbia, SC

Thank you Chris for your professional mixing! Would recommend him to anyone who needs a quality mixing.

Johnny C Johnny C – Hong Kong

Chris took a very mediocre performance and recording and made it sound incredible! It was my first time working with digital recording and Chris helped me get my files in order, so that he could do his magic.

Danny S Danny S – United States

Amazing job with our mix, very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Ruby Clouds Ruby Clouds – Los Angeles

Amazing mixing for an affordable price, also Chris is very quick and easy to work with, also gonna ask him to mix our next songs!

Mika W Mika W – Gelsenkirchen

Very professional and responsive. Sculpted the songs to their best versions.

Quan L Quan L – Toronto

Communicative, responsive and professional. If you need help with sound, Chris is your man!

Asif M Asif M – Saudi Arabia