Chris is an exceptionally skilled professional with a golden ear.
Efficient, reliable, prompt targeted revisions, his work/approach is far superior to anyone I’ve worked with before. Chris truly understood what I was trying to achieve and delivered outstanding results, I’ve never been happier with a mix/master.
Thank you Chris.

Marcin ZMarcin Z – London

Had the best experience working with Chris! He was quick, super easy to communicate with, and nailed the sound I was looking for in my mix. Highly recommend!

Steph ASteph A – New York

Fantastic attention to detail, and a mix that breathed life into the recording. Quick turnaround time and a super pleasant experience!

Sean SSean S – United States

A highly skilled and patient professional. Respected my notes and listened, but was also clearly armed with great techniques and a fantastic ear 🙂

Riley CRiley C – Melbourne

It was an honor to work with a legend like Chris, who has worked with so many of my all-time favorite bands, and have him put his fingerprints all over my song. He was very easy and communicative to work with, and I hope this won’t be the last time!

David HDavid H – Port Townsend, WA

I was absolutely floored when I heard the track. Chris delivered precisely what he proposed, the finest quality mastering. Couldn’t recommend his services more.

Marcos PMarcos P – Dominican Republic

It’s been a very joyful and easy process working with Chris Brown. We would highly recommend him and it’s very likely we would work with him again. He has mix and mastered our first album and the results are beyond our expectations.

William FWilliam F – Copenhagen

Chris gave our music the utmost love, detail and attention. Very communicative, professional and incredible at what he does. Would recommend him to anyone. We will be back soon!
Thanks again, Chris!

Steven MSteven M – Los Angeles

Another great round of mixing with Chris Brown. He has handled everything I’ve thrown his way without suspense! He no doubt has the magic touch, expertise, wisdom and the golden ears, but I know as producer that he’s still working to craft the best possible presentation of my tracks: finding the subtleties and optimal path. The result is the mixed rock goodness I’m after: polished and “finished” with amazing translation but the excitement/aliveness somehow preserved and enhanced!

JacobJacob – United States

Thank you for the mix! Very happy with the final result. Chris works incredibly fast, and his communication is second to none. His experience has really helped me bring my song to its fullest potential. I will definitely be back for my next project.

Anthony MAnthony M – Hong Kong

I had high expectations for Chris and he blew them out of the park, I was thoroughly happy with the communication, revision process, and most importantly final mix of my song. I couldn’t recommend Chris enough for anyone looking to get the mix their project deserves.

IsaacIsaac – Bellingham, WA

Clean, crisp, and absolutely the best mixing this song could ever get. Every single note from every single instrument can be heard clearly even in the busiest section of the song. Thanks so much!

Gaëtan BGaëtan B – Quebec

Chris has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Every first version of a mix I got back could have been considered “finished” – any edits I had done was really just nitpicking on my part. He was quick with his revisions and professional in his work. I would HIGHLY reccomend Chris to anyone looking for mixing or mastering work!

Scott FScott F – Colorado

Chris has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He’s very friendly. has great communication, and above all, is an amazing mixer!
I am very grateful for his help on my project and I highly recommend him to you, the clients on this site. Thank you, Chris!

Felipe GFelipe G – San José

Absolutely wonderful to work with. Delivered exactly what I had envisioned for my songs, and some of them even above and beyond what I imagined was possible. Very friendly and professional. I can’t recommend Chris more for your project.

Tor GTor G – Norway

Chris is the real deal!! I love the energy in the mix.
Fast return days and amazing communication.

Kenji AKenji A – New York

Chris was an absolute pleasure to work with. Through his professionalism and accommodating approach, he we went above and beyond to deliver a finely balanced and striking mix that brought out the core emotion of the track. Chris is a fine talent and would highly recommend.

Brendon MBrendon M – Sydney

Chris made my song into all it could be with beautiful depth, balance, and interest. A perfect mix on the first try. I love it! Great communication too, looking forward to having Chris add his masterful skills to more of my songs in the future.

Jason EJason E – Winnipeg

I can’t recommend Chris enough. Like everyone here has said, he is a fantastic mixing engineer. On the first mix, Chris had not only expertly mixed the songs, he had interpreted exactly what we were going for artistically such that we barely had any notes at all! Pick Chris to mix your songs, and you’ll see what I mean. We will definitely be working with him again!

Dorian PDorian P – Philadelphia

Chris is my all-time most trusted mixing and mastering engineer. Every time when I collaborate with Chris, every moment even waiting for the new mix is quite enjoyable. He’s really someone who works with passion on your work. I feel blessed to have met and collaborated with him.

Louis TLouis T – Beijing

Chris is a true professional and master of his craft. He transformed our home recordings into a great sounding finished product. He nailed a great mix; punchy and detailed with a sense of depth and space that was sympathetic to the songs. Highly recommended.

Barrington MBarrington M – United States

Chris has been patient, comprehensive, helpful yet efficient and an awesome mix engineer. We’ve had an amazing time working with Chris and we will for sure work with him again.

If you think your songs are worth it, go for it. You can’t regret this.

Kevin DKevin D – Bordeaux

Chris is a genius! An amazing talent and professional. Took my song to the next level. Much more than expected. Hire him now!!!! I will repeat for sure !!!

Javi TJavi T – Granada

I am amazed, lost for words. I wouldn’t have dreamed that my song could sound so good. Chris made it happen, definitely took it to a next level for me. Highly professional, does what you ask for and has his own input, which broadens the boundaries. Commited and works fast. I have only the highest praise. Thank you for your service, sir, it was a pleasure!

HenrikHenrik – Estonia