The best in the business! Professional and just a good man! If you still think someone do mixing and mastering, stop it! You can not find better! Only thanks to him, our release took place.

Rise A Rise A – United States

Chris is incredibly talented at what he does. He brought more life and clarity to my tracks and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Daniel W Daniel W – San Francisco

Very professional, quick turn around and an amazing result. 10/10

Cathy H Cathy H – Brisbane

What can I say? Don’t think I’ve ever had such little feedback for a mix. Because it was that good! Chris is a true professional and I’m extremely happy with the result.

Michelle G Michelle G – Copenhagen

Fantastic to work with! Great communication and really put in extra effort to get the perfect mix.

Sam D Sam D – Los Angeles

Chris is a magician! Period. This is my 3rd song with him and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Shankar N Shankar N – Toronto

Chris did a great job mixing and mastering my music and was very easy to work with. Highly recommend!

Eric L Eric L – San Diego

Did an awesome job. Real happy with the quality of the sound! Took my song to a whole new level!!

Nicholas S Nicholas S – Oklahoma

Top professional, I would definitely stick to Chris for my next projects.
Strongly recommend.

Philippe R Philippe R – Belgium

It was effortless working with Chris. Awesome mix right out of the gate. Highly recommended!

Jason T Jason T – Japan

Great quality, super communication, fast and reliable .. best experience I had with mixing/ master engineer !!!

Stefan L Stefan L – Belgium

Chris did a killer job. Song sounds richer and with amazing detail shining through. Highly recommend!

Andrew C Andrew C – Toronto

A perfect mix at version 1. With Chris, it wasn’t a surprise to be done so soon. Incredible experience, thank you!

Kushal Kushal – Pune

It’s so good I wish I had a whole album ready now so he’d mix it .. or 3 albums!! a dream mix, wow!!

Oscar F Oscar F – Colombia

Chris is super professional, patient, and effective; It’s an amazing experience to work with him!!

Kailing Kailing – London

I entrusted Chris with mixing and mastering. He’s a wizard. He was completely in sync with my thoughts. I’ll work with Chris next time. It’s the best.

Jiwon J Jiwon J – South Korea

Chris did a wonderful job mastering my songs. He takes the time to inquire about what your vision for your music is and makes it happen! He was extremely efficient and professional. I highly recommend!

Stephanie R Stephanie R – United Kingdom

I asked Chris to mix a song with multiple layers of instruments. He was the right guy for the job as he managed to create the sonic space for the different instruments and the right dynamics for the song.
Also, great communication and flexibility.

Marco M Marco M – United States