I can’t recommend Chris enough. Like everyone here has said, he is a fantastic mixing engineer. On the first mix, Chris had not only expertly mixed the songs, he had interpreted exactly what we were going for artistically such that we barely had any notes at all! Pick Chris to mix your songs, and you’ll see what I mean. We will definitely be working with him again!

Dorian P Dorian P – Philadelphia

Chris is my all-time most trusted mixing and mastering engineer. Every time when I collaborate with Chris, every moment even waiting for the new mix is quite enjoyable. He’s really someone who works with passion on your work. I feel blessed to have met and collaborated with him.

Louis T Louis T – Beijing

Chris is a genius! An amazing talent and professional. Took my song to the next level. Much more than expected. Hire him now!!!! I will repeat for sure !!!

Javi T Javi T – Granada

I am amazed, lost for words. I wouldn’t have dreamed that my song could sound so good. Chris made it happen, definitely took it to a next level for me. Highly professional, does what you ask for and has his own input, which broadens the boundaries. Commited and works fast. I have only the highest praise. Thank you for your service, sir, it was a pleasure!

Henrik Henrik – Estonia

Chris is a consummate professional, and I’m very lucky to have found him! He’s very easy to work with, answers questions promptly and completely, and does wonderful work. He went above and beyond time and again for my project, and I can’t recommend him too highly!

Belle S Belle S – New York

Working with Chris was a real pleasure. We’re super happy with the final mixes. As a band we found that Chris understood our sound and what we were after. The whole album he mixed for us sounds great!

Grace S Grace S – London

Chris was phenomenal to work with! I’d been struggling with a previous mix that another engineer had done and once Chris got a hold of it he was able to balance it much better and bring out the nuances that were missing. He works quickly and was great keeping in contact and accommodating whatever changes I wanted to hear in the mix. Can’t recommend him enough! He is an absolute professional.

Andrew B Andrew B – Baltimore

Helped me with mastering new mixes of old acoustic recordings of variable quality. Great music ear. Makes fantastic sounding masters, crystal clear with great focus on the vocals and maintained dynamics. Doesn’t drown the mixes with heavy, overly compressed bass-frequencies that I have found many others tend to do.

Thomas M Thomas M – Sweden

It was the best experience you could ever wish!!! Chris is so nice and professional, thank you 1000 times!! it was a great experience and a massive end-product! Will come back to you soon!

Leo Leo – Leipzig

This is an OUTSTANDING man. We were seeking for a long time for the one who could fit our expectations. He knows how to surprise you even if you are a sophisticated listener, he will exceed your expectations. Your song will be more crystal, more detailed, overall it will be on another level.

P.S He is a pro, he has strict deadlines, detailed spec list, and, as a consequence, perfect result.

Aleksandr K Aleksandr K – Moscow

Can’t say enough great things about Chris… super professional and dedicated to helping sculpt the sound envisioned by the client. Seriously diligent and attentive, yet also more than open to suggestions and revisions where necessary. Very personable and friendly too. Would highly recommend for amazing results. I used Chris to mix my entire album and am 100% satisfied!

Sam W Sam W – London

Chris is an amazing engineer, he turned my rough mix into a great song with a lot of feel and movement, he knows what he is doing and I hope to have him as my mixing engineer on my next songs! You are the best Chris!

Juan Y Juan Y – Argentina

Narigón del Siglo is one of my favourite records of all times. To having the opportunity to get my songs mixed by the same engineer of one of my favourites albums is a dream come true. It was a pleasure to work with Chris, he’s very professional and responsive and his mixes are outstanding.

Javier M Javier M – Uruguay

Chris is the best. I literally fell off my chair when I heard the mix. He’s super professional, highly reliable, very patient and the best part is when he delivers its beyond what you expect, its unbelievably beautiful. Thank you again Chris for a really great sounding mix/master.

Ranjan M Ranjan M – India

Chris is a master of showcasing your work in the best way possible. Will be recommending him for both his efficiency and superior quality of work. He serves clear, bright mixes with a little bit of magic on the side. Hope to work with him in the near future again!

Daniel I Daniel I – Bulgaria

Chris knows what he’s doing. My music spans a couple different genres and he knew how to bring the most out of all of my sounds in EACH style of music I made. Very responsive, thorough, and experienced work. What a guy. Thank you Chris.

Daneyal A Daneyal A – Los Angeles

Chris is really easy to work with. Very prompt delivery, despite several delays at my end. The overall sound of each track was nailed right from the start, and only needed small revisions to certain details I was fixated on. Chris had clearly taken a close listen to my arrangements and mixed them appropriately. I’d happily recommend his services!

William B William B – United Kingdom

Chris is a pleasure to work with. He is attentive, timely and pays attention to detail. He has the perfect blend of technical knowledge plus artistic vision, qualities we were looking for in a mixing engineer for a long time. So we were glad to have met Chris. Would love to work with him again.

Avinash L Avinash L – New York