Chris Brown

Online Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

I am a music producer, recording, mixing and mastering engineer based in London.
With extensive experience in the recording industry, I have numerous UK and international chart credits.

My speciality lies in live band recording and mixing, and I also have extensive experience recording orchestras and movie soundtracks.
I have had the privilege of working with some of the biggest names in the business, including Radiohead, Muse, and The Beatles Anthologies with Sir George Martin.

I started my career as an assistant engineer at Utopia Studios in London and later joined the prestigious Abbey Road Studios, where I spent a decade and rose to the position of Senior Engineer.

In 1997, I embarked on a freelance career as a producer, engineer and mixer, and since 2004 I have specialised in online mixing and mastering.
More recently, I launched a production company providing original music for advertising and media.

Online Services


Music mixing in stereo or surround, including Dolby Atmos.


Preparation of masters for CD, internet streaming and broadcast.


Creation of original music for advertising and media.


Full range of audio services including editing, tuning, comping, timing correction, drum triggering etc

In-Person Services


Recording everything from soloists to symphony orchestras, I specialise in recording real bands with real drums and guitars.


Record-making in the traditional way: guiding the artist and managing sessions from rehearsal to release.